Common Types of Reinforcements Found in Hoses


Most hoses are made up of three elements: tube, reinforcement and cover. Hose reinforcement is built in between hose tube and cover and act as a control for:

·         Axial and radial forces Pressure capabilities· Kink resistance

·         Strength and durability

·         Longevity

·         Flexibility

Hose reinforcement can come in different materials such as textile, plastic, metal or the combination of them.  It also has different shapes and forms such as braided or spiraled wire, braided or spiraled textile, cable and metal or plastic helix depending on requirements.

Pile of Thread.jpg
Some common reinforcements types:
1.       Yarn and Textile

Yarn Reinforcement

Figure 1 Picture of yarn-reinforced PVC hose.

Yarn reinforcement is built with fiber. Some example of the fiber used are aramid, cotton, glass, nylon, polyester etc. The yarn will then be weaved and built onto the hose to provide support
2.      Helical Spring

Plastic Helical Spring

Figure 2 Picture of Plastic helical Spring Reinforced Hose

Metal Helical Reinforcement

Figure 3 Picture of Metal Spring Wire Reinforced Hose

Helical spring wire uses a long wire that is helically wrapped into the hose. The wire can come from either plastic or metal such as PVC, Stainless Steel, etc.
3.      Piles of Steel Wire Cords

Piles of Steel Reinforcement

Figure 4 Picture of Piles of steel wire cords reinforcements

Plies of weaved wire cord is built into the hose creating multiple layers of reinforcement.
4.      Metallic Braids

Metallic Braid

Figure 5 Metallic Braid Reinforcement

Several steel wires are interwoven to form metallic braid. The braid will then coat the tube and give additional strength and protection. Metallic braid can come in different materials from bronze, stainless steel etc.
5.      Combination


Figure 6 Picture of Hose with Yarn and Spring Helix Reinforcement

Some hoses use and combine multiple reinforcements to create hoses with an improved property. The picture on the left shows a hose with both yarn and helix wire reinforcement.
6.      No Reinforcements

No Reinforcement

Figure 7 Non-Reinforced Hose

The Left picture shows a non-reinforced hose made from Silicone. This type of hose uses no reinforcement. Examples: Tubing.

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